Thursday, October 11, 2012

Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris) (1345-)

Notre Dame Cathedral
Frederick Childe Hassam, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, 1888
Jean Francois Raffaelli, Notre Dame de Paris, 1892
Edwin Deakin, Notre Dame Paris, 1893
Maximilien Luce, Notre Dame Cathedral View from Quai Saint-Michel, 1901-04
Maurice Prendergast, Notre Dame Paris, 1907
Notre Dame Cathedral Gargoyle Overlooking Paris Postcard, 1920s
Robert F. Burns, Lithograph Notre Dame Paris, 1947
Notre Dame Cathedral as viewed from the south bank of the River Seine by jimm
Notre Dame Cathedral by Christiane Vignal
Notre Dame Cathedral Detail Ceiling by f_mafra
Notre Dame Cathedral Detail a Gargoyle by thren0dy
Notre Dame Cathedral Detail by Kenski1970
Notre Dame Cathedral Large Detail
Notre Dame Cathedral Rozeta Paryż
Notre Dame Cathedral by Madorie Laoshi
The Organ of Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral by OlfPhotoBook
Notre Dame Cathedral by carlos_seo
Notre Dame Cathedral by fdelacou
Notre Dame Cathedral by odObo
Notre Dame Cathedral by stefbra
Notre Dame Cathedral at Sunrise
Notre Dame Cathedral at Night

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hana-bi (はなび- Fireworks) (1997)

Hana-Bi, 1997
Hana-Bi Poster, 1997
Hana-Bi, means Fire and also Flowers combined to Fireworks
Takeshi Kitano as Yoshitaka Nishi and Kayoko Kishimoto as Miyuki are looking into the sea, 1996
Ren Ohsugi as retired police officer Horibe looking to the Sakura trees, 1996
Takeshi Kitano as Police Officer Yoshitaka Nishi, 1996
Takeshi Kitano as Yoshitaka Nishi sitting beside the fire, 1996
Ren Ohsugi as police officer Horibetalking on the phone, 1996
Takeshi Kitano as Yoshitaka Nishi and Kayoko Kishimoto as Miyuki are sitting beside the road, 1996
Takeshi Kitano as Yoshitaka Nishi going towards a man to beat him, 1996
Director of the film Takeshi Kitano at backstage, 1996
Untitled Takeshi Kitano painting used in the film, 1994
Untitled Takeshi Kitano painting used in the film, 1994

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Louis Pasteur
Daguerreotype of Louis Pasteur, 1845
Louis Pasteur, 1876
Louis Pasteur, 1878
Louis Pasteur, 1886
Louis Pasteur and Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, with children cured of rabies, 1887
Louis Pasteur illustration in Popular Science Monthly Volume 20, 1881
M. Renourad, Pasteur with his experimental animals, 1884
Albert Edelfelt, Louis Pasteur in his Laboratory, 1885
Théobald Chartran, Louis Pasteur Vanity Fair with a caption Hydrophobia, 1887
Richard Kivit. Louis Pasteur. 1930
Robert Thom, French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur working in his chemical laboratory, 1955
Louis Pasteur by Linkartist
Louis Pasteur by synchronicity313
Louis Pasteur by E.M.Rajesh
chance by modernhippy
Signature of Louis Pasteur